This film let you savor the visual story of what Soulful Crane care about: Our Values and our Vision of life.
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The day that I brought home a snail from school my grandmother told me I was a poet.
And from that day I have always thought that poetry was part of my life. I tried to write it, draw it and dream it. And that’s how I’m teaching to live even to my son, coloring day-to-day life of poetry.
And this is what I want to bring to the world through the handcrafted love you can find in my shop.


– What’s my Vision –

I love QUALITY. I think that in this spinning world, we need to take care of ourself and our community, friends and family in a way that involve OUR BEST. This is mean that in all I do, I invest my TIME and do my best to spreed quality over it. Life is a precious thing and I believe that spending it in loveful/soulful way is what make it worth.

– Mission –

I created Soulful Crane to let you find and savor the same quality, calm, and happiness in making what you love to do, when you sit down to sew, knit and craft the bits and bobs writing down your life.

I promise to you that every item you can find into our Shop is HANDMADE with Love and Soul BUT ALSO it is made using the finest quality materials we can find available into the market to serve our promise to you, and this also for the material you don’t see as basting threads, batting, fleece, paper, watercolor, pencils etc. I choose and test them personally before market the final product, just because I am prone to treat my customer as I treat myself, and since my motto is ‘Quality First‘ , I deserve it to my client too.

Thank you for let me in, take a sit, a tea sip, and let me to be your friend.

J. Dee Bella