April 25, 2016 – Monday

Little Polar Penguin

On Sunday morning my son wake up crying and come to me really sad.

“What did happen?” I said embracing and comforting him.

” I dreamt a penguin. He was so cute. I dreamt about him twice, but this time he is gone away too soon”. and my little one cryed loud again.

To help and comfort him I said I could help, and maybe I can draw a little polar penguin cushion for its room to keep always with him. He smiled at me and so… here the penguin is.

I used fabric from the Floralia collection for the body and the belly. The green fabric is from a heigh quarter I hand dyed ages ago. I will dig into my bits stash for the beek.

I really love how it is turning out.

I will release the pattern as a free download very soon. Stay tuned!

— Update: May 1, 2016 —

Since in the last few years sewers from all around the World  celebrate the sewing  with the Me Made May,  I want to contribute to the “we made sewing-month” with the Little Polar Penguine free pattern! I’ll be happy to see your finished Little Penguin, so if you made it please share your project on the Jdeebella Facebook page or on Instagram with the ashtag #littlepolarpenguin and tag me @jdeebella




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