Full time Mama ❤ – Soul seeker – Art and Craft lover and the

Heart and Soul at the SOULFUL CRANE nest.

You’re Welcome!

Inspired by nature and the little things around her world JdeeBella is a 44 year soulful woman, maker and designer that never grows up. Having a newborn in 2009 makes her reboot on her own original passion about crafts and color she said:

“I am passionate about everything that involve hands and brain: sketching, painting, sewing, knitting, writing, designing… I spent all my life in the making and I want go on this way in a very calm, silent and quiet mood.”

Thinks also I like to do:
watching TV Series and movies especially those from late ’70 to early ’90 to mention some I really love in random order: LITTLE HOUSE IN THE PRAIRY, MEL’S KITCHEN, THE CROWN, DOWNTON ABBEY, ANNE WITH AN E, THE OTHER GRACE, CHARLES ANGELS, MARY POPPINS, GREASE, GROUNDHOG DAYS and all those that has a romantic novel in it. I like reading classics and children’s books.

I love tea and cozy time at home, drinking coffee and and eating pastries, I love to spend time with my son and i really really love to listen at him when plays the piano.
I enjoy being with my self in silence and don’t like crowded places, but I could live quietly in the midst of a thousand handmaders :).

I am a Harry Potter’s fan and a Jane Austen lover.

I love to make friends so I would love to hear from you!

xoxo, Giusy aka JdeeBella

Please, take a look at the Manifesto, to know more about Soulful Crane Value, Mission and Vision.

As a Self taught Illustrator and Designer I was Professionally trained in:

  • Illustrations and Home Dècor by Lilla Roger on MATS BOOTCAMP and MATS A 2017
  • Textiles and Trend Design by Make it in Design – Summer Camp 2016 and 2017


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