New Fabric trio coming up soon


The move is almost completed here, there are just some things to set up in the new home but we are getting to normal now. So, I’ve got the chance to sit in front of my Imac and put together a mini trio fabric collection. I’ve used two of my latest design that I really loved and since I would like to try some Italian on-demand fabric printer I made this happen.



Those two are my favorite ever! I really love the Happy chicks! They make me happy! and in Italian I made a little word pun to describe this fabric, that sounds like this:

“Cheerful colored hens who can hatch eggs with love and patience enormous”


The Woodland Critters instead was designed while  my child and I were spending a lazy afternoon to grandparents’s house. They were sleeping and we were drawing together. I made this and then I forgot of it.

When I was looking at my sketchbook for some interesting draw to transform into textile design, it bounced up and I couldn’t resist to turn it into a fabric.

And now I’m waiting for them to arrive. I’m also trilled about my new craft room and I can’t wait to have the chance to work in it with the new fabric. In the meantime I’m playing with the other I’ve designed and have at hand.


Summer is here and it’s hot. I have so many ideas that are flowing into my head, I’m trying to catch them all before they gone. I’m prepping a lot of new things for September. In the meantime I’ll try to benefit the sun and maybe some sea time and hope you’re also enjoying your summer!

Till next time, xoxo, Giusy

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